1. Mouse over to the “Workspace” dropdown menu and mouse down to the “General Membership”.

2. Select “Membership Pages” where you will see a grid of other membership pages that you have set up before, if this is the first one it will be blank.

3. First page in the editor is the Membership Acknowledgement Information which helps you set up the email that members will receive upon signing up for the membership, this is also where you can set up the name of the membership program.

4. The next page, Membership Settings, will allow you to set up the sign up page, adding photos, videos, and customizing settings of the membership.

5. Membership Setup, allows the user to add different levels of memberships that people can sign up such as a family membership or individual.

6. Membership Styling helps the user set up their membership page by allowing customization of the background colors, fonts, and font colors. Users can also use one of the included templates to make the customization process easier.

7. Next the user can customize their Thank You email that the member receives after clicking the submit button.

8. The last page allows the User to get a link to the sign up page and also gives them access to the text message code if they have mobile marketing, and gives them code to embed the link on their website for easy sign-up their future members.