You can add or change your logo by hovering over your organization's name in the upper right corner and clicking on Account. You will then see the current logo or generic image on the left corner of the page.

Below the logo click Add Company Logo or Update Company Logo to select a logo image file from your computer. Select the image file and click Open to upload the file intothe software. You can remove an existing logo by clicking on the "x" in the top right corner of the image. 

You also have the option of adding an alternate logo. Alternate logos can be used for various pages built within the software like donation pages or event pages. Changing a logo will also change that logo anywhere it is used in on the pages. For example, if you upload a special alternative logo for an event, any page that you have used the alternative logo will be updated with the new event logo.

The recommended size for logo images is at least 198 x 120 pixels. You can upload larger images, but most pages will reduce the image size to fit within 198 x 120 pixels. You can have either landscape or portrait-oriented logos. 

The logos uploaded will also be saved in your media library in a folder called Logos.