Once you are in Account Settings, under "Organization Info" is where you can edit and update all of your account’s contact information like: 

  • Organization Name 
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Industry
  • Logo. 
  • Tax ID & Fiscal Year End Date 

Under Payment Methods, you can:

  • See if direct deposit has been setup for your sub-merchant account insuring that all online transactions are directly deposited into your organization's bank account. If the status shows as "Inactive" then your organization needs to complete a ETF form and submit it to the DonorView team.
  • See if ACH has been activated for your organization's account. ACH as a payment method is provided through a 3rd party vendor called Forte. To activate this method you will need to submit an application to create a merchant account through Forte. Once approved ACH will be available on your online Donation Forms.
  • Activate Additional Payment Methods such as Venmo, Paypal and Google pay for use on your Donation, Event and Membership forms. 

Under Options, you can: 

  • Manage Picklists allows you to edit the values that appear in Dropdown fields all over the software. One place to edit things like Email Types, Phone Types, Address Types etc.
  • Enter in which email addresses should be sent billing notifications or credit card statements. 
  • Update Recognition Name and Source Name format
  • Control if soft credits are included in calculated fields. 
  • Control if General Memberships are included in calculated fields.
  • Control if the purchase of all General Membership Levels should be considered a Renewal for Status.
  • Enter how many days should be given as a Grace Period for Members renewing their Membership.
  • Select which Date Field should be used for the calculated fields.
  • Manage Quickbooks export settings 
  • Control if "Non-Binary" should appear under Gender and if "Pronouns" should be an available Profile field.
  • Control if you'd like "First Name" as one of the fields used to determine if new information submitted through a form matches an existing constituent's record. Note: With First Name turned off only Email and Last Name or Address Street and Last Name need to match. Also if Email or Street Address are not provided Birthdate can be used as a matching field.
  • Select how the software should handle the entry of a new mailing addresses for or by an existing Constituent through an online form. This rule would only apply to Constituents who already have a default mailing address on file in their record.

Under Invoices, you can:

  • Control if "Partical Payment" should be the default setting on all Invoices.

Under Sites/Chapters you can:

  • Add Sites/Chapters