You can add social media links by following these steps:

  1. Once you are on the “Social Media” page there will be a green button that says“+Social Media Link”. Click on that button and a drop down menu labeled “Add Social Media Link” will appear.
  2. Click the drop down menu and select what social media link you would like to add. You can choose Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and You Tube.
  3. Located next to the drop down there is a white text box with the words “Social Media URL” in grey font inside of the text box. In the text box, enter your social media link that corresponds with the social media site you selected in the drop down. Make sure you include the http:// or https://.
  4. Next to where you just entered your social media link click the green “Save” button. This will save the social media link you just added.
  5. You can add as many social media links as you would like, by repeating these steps.