The Advanced Analytics tools are designed to easily become a part of your Business Intelligence Solution. These tool can allow you to:

Schedule View Reports

Use your saved Views from your various Grids to schedule one-time or recurring excel reports delivered via email to your desired contacts.

Geo Location Filter

Filter grids to display Constituents based on the geo location of their default address by placing a pin on a map and selecting a desired radius of inclusion.

Email Preview

Preview your email templates on 100 different devices and email clients to ensure every recipient sees your template correctly.

Email Spam Test

Run an analysis of your email template on 17 different Spam Filters to see if it passes and is likely to be delivered to your recipient's inbox.

Visualize your data

Aggregate, filter, sort and group data to focus on specific subsets. Drill up and down to see your data from different points and bring data trends into the spotlight.

Export to PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, or PNG in one click.