A mail merge template is used to create personalized letters. Mail merge templates utilize mail merge fields, which are identified in the letter with brackets and the word MERGEFIELD preceding the label of the data field used. Mail merge templates are used in several of modules including the CRM, Transactions & Invoices, Events, and Membership modules. Each module has its own library of mail merge templates because each template has access to the specific merge fields available in that module. 

Mail merge templates can be used to produce one letter or many letters with each letter personalized for each recipient. The merged document can be created as an Adobe pdf and emailed to the recipient(s) or a Microsoft Word document, which is downloaded for printing. The templates are created and edited in a Word-style editor that allows you to customize the text, insert images and tables, define the page layout, as well as select which merge fields you would like to include in the letter.

The mail merge fields that are available are those associated with the module for that library. For example, the the Mail Merge Membership Templates will have access to the constituent's contact information and membership transactions, however it will not have access to merge fields related to events.