A basic P2P campaign is made up of the following steps:

  1. Acknowledgment Info
    • Name – Internal name for the campaign
    • Email Display Name - what name will it look like sent the thank you email
    • From Address - what email address will it look like sent the thank you email
    • Subject Line - what is the subject line of the thank you email
  2. P2P Campaign Settings
    • Title – External name for the campaign
    • Target Amount – The organization's fundraising goal
    • Event Begin Date / End Date - Dates of the Event
    • Fundraising Begin Date / End Date - Dates the fundraising pages will be active to accept donations
    • Participant Begin Date / End Date - Dates those wishing to participate in fundraising can access the portal to build pages.
    • Message – The story that will appear on every fundraising page
    • Include Personal Story – This allows the participant raising funds to add their own personal story to their fundraising page
    • Include Location (Optional)– Where the event is being held
      1. Location Name
      2. Address 1, Address 2, City, State & Zip
    • Include Gallery - Import images that will be shown on all fundraising pages.
    • Auto Acknowledge - Mark all gifts processed through the form as Acknowledged.
    • Disable Teams - Fundraising participants are unable to create and select teams during setup
    • Allow to Pay the Processing Fee - Allow the donors to choose if they will pay the processing or require them to.
    • Notify when a donation is submitted – Who should be notified internally when a donation is submitted (Up to 5 Emails).
    • Allow Fundraisers to Setup Text Message Codes - When set to YES, each Fundraising Participant will be able to create a custom Text2Give code that when texted to your assigned phone number will reply with the URL for that Participant's online P2P Fundraising Page.
    • Donation by check instructions– To whom and where checks should be sent
      1. Attention
      2. Organization Name
      3. Address 1, Address 2, City, State & Zip
    • Contact us information– Who to contact for more information
      1. First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone
    • For, Fund Event & Appeal - Select the default values, they will be used when the gift record is created for donations.
    • Select Custom Fields - Add custom fields from your constituent profiles onto the P2P Portal setup page
  3. Thank You Message
    • Edit Message - Customize the Thank You email all donors will receive.
  4. Preview and Publish
    • Preview Form - Preview the P2P Portal login page.
    • URL - The URL for the P2P Portal
    • Widgets - Embed able graphs and tables that display information about the P2P Campaign.