Several grids such as the Constituent, Events, Event Attendance, P2P Dashboard and Auction allow for you to send out Test Messages to any Constituents with a mobile phone number on file. Once on the grid you are able to filter for the desired Constituents and Select Actions>Send Text Message.  The top field will allow you to insert a mail merge field value(s) into the text message. 

Beyond sending a standard text message you can also include a recorded video in your MMS message. The video can be recorded using your computer’s camera and microphone. To record the video, open the “Send Text Message” dialog under the Actions menu grid. Once the text message window is launched, you will find a toggle setting called, “Include Video Recording.” Turn this setting on and you can click the green “Start” button to start the recording. Please note you may have to approve access for your web browser to user your devices camera and microphone if you haven’t already done so. Also please note that MMS videos are restricted to only 5MiB which limits the length and quality of the video to several seconds.


After you are finished recording click the red “Stop” button. The software will then render the video and notify you once it is ready to send. Once the rendering is complete you can send or schedule the video to go out like any other Text Message.

You can also choose whether you wish to send the Text Message right away or schedule it for a later Time and Date.