The goal in this step is to designate the items, accounts and classes in Quickbooks based on the For, Fund & Event fields in AssociationSphere.

As an example, If the transaction in AssociationSphere has FUND = general and EVENT = golf tournament, then in QB I want to use Item = Golf Tournament, which debits Undeposited Funds and credits General Income and the class should be Golf Tournament.

Most often, the Fund field in AssociationSphere is used to designate the item and/or income account that will be used in Quickbooks.

  1. Go to Account and then choose Accounting > General Ledger Mapping.
  2. Most customers will only use the top grid for Gifts and the second grid for Events.  The School Year Enrollments and Program Enrollments are only for customers that use the Youth Membership portion of AssociationSphere.
  3. Under Gifts, click on New.
  4. Select Gift Type.  It is usually General, but you will also need to do mappings if you have other types of gifts, including pledges & pledge payments.
  5. Select a combination of the For, Fund & Event fields in AssociationSphere.
  6. For this combination, select what Item in Quickbooks should be used.
  7. The Credit account dropdown will automatically populate based on the Item selected.
  8. Select what account to Debit – if you use Undeposited Funds, choose this here.
  9. If you want to apply a Class, select that from the dropdown.
  10. This mapping will need to be completed for every combination of For, Fund & Event fields that require different debits & credits in Quickbooks.
  11. If you always use the same item, account and/or class in Quickbooks, then you can do a more general mapping, such as all General gifts that use Fund = General Fund in AssociationSphere should use this Item.  
  12. Click on Update.
  13. You can edit or delete mappings by clicking on the icons for that row on the grid.

For Events in AssociationSphere, instead of mapping the For, Fund, Event & Appeal fields, you do have the option of using the event ticket level, add-on or fee.  The mapping will work similar to the above steps, but you would select ticket levels, add-ons or the fee instead of the For, Fund, Event & Appeal fields.