If there is an error from Quickbooks, it will provide an error message on the screen.

If you are not able to figure out the error and need to reach out to support, please include the details of the transactions that you tried to import and a screenshot of the error.

Below are some common issues:

1. Customer Name already exists in Quickbooks

Quickbooks does not allow you to create a new customer if the name already exists as a vendor, employee or "other".  If you receive this type of error, check the names in AssociationSphere to these lists in QB.  If the name does already exist in QB,     then you will need to change the name slightly.  Quickbooks help files recommend adding something like a (V) after the last name on their vendor record, for example.

2. Transactions with $0 were created in Quickbooks

Check to make sure that you exported using the correct amount field.  If you exported using Tax-Deductible, for example, but meant to use Amount, it may have brought in $0 instead of the actual gift amount.

3. Transactions are not showing up on the Export screen in AssociationSphere

There could be a few reasons for this:

If the transaction was previously exported to Quickbooks, it will be marked as exported and will not show on the export screen by default.  Use the Export Status filter on the left to select Exported to show those transactions again.

If there is not a mapping for the For, Fund, Event & Appeal field used on the transaction, it will not show up on the export.  Check these 4 fields on the gift record and compare to the entries on the QB Mapping screen.  If the combination is not shown on the mapping screen, it will need to be added.

4. Cannot import Sales Tax item

If you have the sales tax turned on in Quickbooks, be sure that the sales tax option is set to Yes under Account Settings in AssociationSphere.

5.  Character limit error

Quickbooks limits Customer names to 41 characters, so if a constituent name in AssociationSphere is longer than 41 characters, Quickbooks will provide an error message and will not create a new customer record.