1. Choose the alignment of your title and fill in the title of your sign-up page. 

2. If you choose to have a message displayed on the page you can toggle the “Display Message” switch.

3. Next users can toggle the option to either include a youtube video or photos displayed on the page, as well as how they will be organized.

4. Under that the user has the option to allow people to pay later for their memberships and the option to share to social media buttons to be located on the page. 

5. The membership page options allow the users greater flexibility by making it possible to customize everything such as allowing recurring payments, gift memberships, payment processing fee to be included, not allowing people to buy memberships on behalf of companies, accepting general donations on the page, include a one-time fee, and the ability to request a GDPR.

6. With additional options the user can toggle auto-renewal of the memberships, set the days prior to expiration that the renewal link goes live, display a memo field, notify people when a membership is submitted, show the email subscription list, allowing members to subscribe to text notifications, and allowing this membership to be hidden from donor portals making more private.

7. Next the user can choose where gift will be sorted in the case that someone either purchases or donates something. 

8. Under that you can add additional fields to the form asking people for extra information.

9. The last part allows the user to choose what to show in the Membership Online Directory.

10. Click the green “Save & Next” button to move on to the next step.