1. Membership Setup page allows users to add different levels of support, this can be based on family size or the number of employees in a company or any other way the user wants to separate membership levels. 

2. To add a level, click on the “+ Add Level” button and it will prompt the screen where you can add the name, provide a description, list number of members, add price/fees / tax-deductible amount, expiration date, number of days active, and constituent category.

3. Users can also toggle different levels of memberships to either be active or inactive in the same screen.

4. To edit Add-Ons click on the “Add-Ons” tab where you can either add items such as merchandise that people can buy in addition to their membership purchase.

5. To Add an add-on click the “+ Add Add-On” button which will bring up a screen to name the item, price, a description, and add non-refundable fees.

6. In the “Documents” tab you can add any forms that might be needed for the members once they join.

7. To add a document, name and write the headline, then you can click “Select File” and choose the document stored on your computer.

8. Click the Upload button to finish the process. 

9. The “Coupons” tab is where you can add discounts for new joining members if you have a promotion.

10. To add a coupon click “Add Coupon” button and a screen will load prompting you to fill out the information about the coupon.

11. Click the green “Save & Next” button to move on to the next step.