If there are multiple memberships you need to renew you may consider running a batch renewal. On the Membership Summary grid you will filter the listed down to only the transaction you wish to renew. Then under the Actions menu you can select the Batch Renewal option. This will launch a prompt window that allows you to make all the selection for the Membership Level, Dates and Payment. 

Please note that Batch Membership Renewals must be scheduled to run and will take place overnight. Below are the descriptions for all the Status values that appear under each of those two fields.


Membership Name – Select which Membership Form the Membership Level is connected too.

Membership Level – Select which Level is the renewal for.

Renewal / Run Date – Enter the date you wish to have the renewal process run and appear as the date of the transaction.

Expiration Date –  Enter the date this Membership renewals will expire on and become inactive.

Payment Type – If the transactions are to show as paid you can enter the Payment Method that will be shown on the Memberships.

Pay Later – If the transactions are to show as unpaid change this setting to Yes and do not enter a Payment Type.

Automatically Generate Invoice – If the renewals are unpaid you are able to have Invoices generated that can later be sent to the Membership Owner. Change this setting to Yes if you wish for an Invoice showing the owed balance for this transaction to be generated.

Invoice Payment Page – Which online payment page should be connected to this invoice to allow the Membership Owner to pay the owed balance online with a Credit Card.

Number of Days Invoice Due – Select how many days from the transaction date this invoice will be due.

Allow Partial Payments – If set to Yes, the Membership Owner will be able to make multiple smaller payments at their discretion.