Under the Membership module, you will find 7 menu options. Below is a description of each option listed.


Memberships – Showing both a Summary and Detail view you can see all the specifics related to any membership transactions.

Membership Pages – Here you can create or edit your online Membership Forms

Attendance – If you are having a member gathering that you wish to track attendance you will be able to check in/out your active members here as well as view past check-ins and outs.

Mail Merge GM Templates – Here you can generate and edit templates that can be used in a Mail Merge on the main Memberships grid.

Auto Reminders – Here you can create automated email campaigns that can be automatically sent out to existing members who are coming up on their expiration date.

Membership Renewal Queue – Here you can track the status of any batch Membership renewals you have submitted.

Membership Only Documents – Upload documents that will only be visible to Constituent Member within their Portal Account.