The Membership Dashboard consists of 4 graphic panels displaying information collected within your Membership Transactions. The first (top left panel) shows a Pie Chart displaying how many constituents are subscribed in each of your Membership Levels. The second (top right panel) shows the number of new memberships submitted by month. The third (bottom left panel) shows the total number of memberships submitted per month. The final (bottom right panel) shows six different stats, listed below:

New Memberships in the last 30 days - How many first time Memberships have been submitted in the last 30 days.

Membership renewals FYTD  - How many Memberships have be renewed Fiscal Year to Date

Memberships overdue FYTD - How many Membership have expired and have not be renewed Fiscal Year to Date.

Memberships expiring next 30 days - How many Memberships have an expiration date within 30 days of today.

Active Memberships - How many Memberships have a future expiration date.

Gap Memberships FYTD - How many Memberships had a gap between their expiration and renewal Fiscal Year to Date.