The Memberships grid has two versions for viewing membership transactions. The default view is called the Summary view. Here you can see the most recent membership transaction for each constituent. This grid operates like any other grid within the software and will offer the ability to customize the views, use Quick Queries, add filters, sort, and search the grid.




For each Membership Transaction list on the grid, you will also have the option to edit or delete it. The Pencil & Paper icon will allow you to edit, and the Trashcan icon will allow you to delete. Both icons will appear on the far-left column on the grid.


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+New Menu


From the grid, you are also able to add new Memberships. Under the “+New” menu next to the search field you can select, “Membership”. This will allow you to select which Membership page you wish to launch and enter the data.


The “Membership Internal” option allows you to enter a membership without launching a membership page. Using this option, you will select the membership page, level, expiration date and transaction information for existing constituents.


If you select an existing membership before mousing over the “+New” menu you will see an additional option called, “Member”. This “Member” option will allow you to add additional constituents into a group membership, so they are all included together in a single transaction.

The final option in the +New menu is to add an "Invoice" for the constituent. This is used for memberships which have a balance due. Choosing Invoice will open a new window to generate the invoice, which can then be emailed or mailed to the constituent for payment.



Actions Menu


On the Actions menu, most of the options listed under this menu are the same as any other grid inside the software. For example, you can export the grid data to Excel or add the constituents listed to an email list. Each of the actions would be based on how the grid is filtered. You will also find the options to print batch Mail Merge Letters, send texts and direct emails, as well as generate badges, name tags, address labels, and envelopes.


Three actions are exclusive to the Actions menu on the Membership grid. The first is “Print Membership Report.” Selecting this option will launch a prompt window that allows you to enter in an “As of Date” for the report. Click Print and a PDF report will launch in a new browser window. The report details statistics about your overall membership program such as total new or active members and other statistics about overdue members.



The second action exclusive to the Membership grid Actions menu is Transfer Membership. You must have a membership selected on the grid to transfer it from one constituent to another. For individual (single member) memberships, this will transfer the entire membership and transaction to a different constituent. For a group membership, this is intended to transfer the owner of the membership (a.k.a. Head of Household) to another constituent. Once the new owner is identified in the Constituent field, click on the green Transfer button to make the switch.


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The third Actions option that is exclusive to the Memberships grid is Batch Renewal. This will allow you to renew batches of memberships at once. You can learn more about batch renewals in this article: 

Switch to Details/Summary 


As mentioned above there are two versions of the Membership grid. Next to the “Actions” menu, you will see a link to Switch to Details or Switch to Summary depending on which grid you are currently viewing. The Summary View only shows the most recent membership transaction for the membership owners. It does not show all the sub-members that are part of a group membership. The Summary View will display the Current Status and Status for the constituent. The Current Status indicates if the member has a current membership with an expiration date in the future. The Status field will indicate the status of the transaction, whether it is New, Renewal, Overdue or Inactive. 


Summary View Status

New – a new membership that is either brand new or was purchased outside the membership grace period or different level depending the membership settings in the Organizational Settings>Options.

Renewal – the member had a previous membership transaction and was renewed within the grace period.

Overdue – the membership has expired.

Inactive – a manually assigned status using the edit icon.


Summary View Current Status

Active – the member has at least one membership that has not expired.

Inactive – all the member’s memberships have expired.

Pending – the member has purchased a membership that has not expired, but still has a balance due.


The Details View will show every membership transaction as well as the names of sub-members that are part of a group membership. The Details View also let’s you process payments using the dollar bill icon and will show the name of the purchaser as well as the member’s name.


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The Detail View Current Status field has the same meanings and labels as the Summary View. However, the Status field changes in the Detail View. 


Detail View Status

Pending – the specific membership transaction has a balance due.

Active – the specific membership transaction has an expiration date in the future (the membership is active.)

Inactive – the specific membership transaction has an expiration date in the past (the membership has expired.)