The main Membership grid has two versions for viewing Membership Transactions. The default view when you first come to the grid is called the Summary view. Here you can see the most recent Transaction for each Membership either Group or Individual. The grid operates like any other main grid within the software and will offer the ability to customize the order and size of each column. Columns can also be hidden or locked in place by clicking on the three dots that appear next to each Column Title.


The data under each column can also be filtered to cut down the displayed transactions. A sidebar to the left of the main grid can also be expanded to offer additional features like clearing filters applied to the grid, saving filters, and activating additional filters on the data. Your final filter option is the search feature that appears on the left above the grid. Here you can select a specific field that appears on the grid and then enter the value you wish to search for. All four of these filtering options can be used together to trim the data on the grid.



For each Membership Transaction list on the grid, you will also have the option to edit or delete it. The Pencil & Paper icon will allow you to edit, and the Trashcan icon will allow you to delete. Both icons will appear on the far-left column on the grid.


+New Menu

From the grid, you are also able to add new Memberships. Under the “+New” menu next to the search field you can select, “Membership”. This will allow you to select which Membership form you wish to launch and then launch that form. 

If you select an existing membership before mousing over the “+New” menu you will see two additional options, “Member” and “Invoice”. The “Member” option will allow you to add additional Constituents into a Group Membership, so they are all included together in a single transaction. The “Invoice” option can be used with a Membership Transaction that has an owed balance and allows you to generate the Invoice record which can then be sent to the Member to collect payment for the Pay Later Membership transaction.

Actions Menu

Next to the “+ New” menu is then the “Actions” menu. Most of the options listed under this menu are the same as any other grid inside the software. For example, you can export the grid data to excel or add the constituents listed to an email list. Each of the Actions would be based on how the grid is filtered and only include them in the Action you select. You will also find the options to print batch Mail Merge Letters as well as generate Address Labels and printed Envelopes.


The only Action that is exclusive to the Members grid is “Print Membership Report”. Selecting this option will launch a prompt window that allows you to enter in an “As of Date” for the report. Click Print and a PDF report will launch in a new browser window. The report details stats about your overall Membership such as total new or active members and other stats about overdue members.


Detail/Summary Button

As mentioned above there are two versions of the main Members or Membership grid. Next to the “Actions” menu, you will see a button that shows as “Detail” or “Summary”. The values shown will depend on which version of the grid you are viewing. If you are on the Summary view, the button will display as “Detail”. Clicking this button will allow you to switch your view of the grid.