The Membership Renewal Queue will display information connected to any Batch Membership renewals that you run internally. These batch renewals can be created on the main Membership grid and allow you to filter for existing Membership transactions and then have them automatically generate renewal transactions based on the settings you enter. The grid on the Membership Renewal Queue will display some of these setting selections and other details of the batch. Below are the descriptions of the fields displayed.


Membership Name – The Membership Form selected for desired Membership Level renewal.

Membership Level – The Membership Level selected for renewal.

Renewal / Run Date – The date the Membership transaction will generate and what will show as the date of the transactions.

Expiration Date – The date that will show on each of the Membership transactions for when they will expire and become inactive.

Status – Asks if this batch run yet. Executed means yes and Queued means no.

Generate Invoice? – Asks if invoices will be automatically generated based on this transaction. A checkmark means yes. No checkmark means no.

Batch ID – The software will automatically assign an ID to each batch; the number will go up sequentially for each batch starting at 00001.

Included Memberships – Clicking the View text link will launch a filtered Membership grid that displays which Membership transactions are included in this batch renewal.

Date Created – Shows what date the batch renewal was setup.