Renewing a membership can be done several ways. Your members can renew their own memberships via your membership page. You can set up auto-reminders, send emails, and letters to remind your members to renew. If you have the Advanced Portal features activated, members can also renew their memberships with the link available on the Memberships module in the portal.

Internal users can renew a membership in the membership owner's constituent record on their Memberships tab. Select the row of the membership transaction you wish to renew. Click on the blue Renew Membership button to open a new dialog box to allow you to select the correct membership page.

Launching the page will auto-populate the form with information from the previous transaction including the names of any sub-members if it is a group membership. You will need to reselect any add-ons if desired and enter the payment method at the bottom of the page. Once the page is completed, submitted, and processed the new transaction will show a Status of Renewal.

You can perform a similar action from the Memberships grid by selecting the constituent and transaction to renew from the grid. Using the +New menu and selecting Membership will also launch the dialog window to select the membership page. As described above, the constituent and membership's information will be auto-populated on the page.

There is also an option for Membership Internal which allows you to assign a membership transaction to an existing constituent. This also allows you to edit things like the price and expiration date, which are fixed if entered via the membership page. If you use this method for renewals, be sure you know what expiration date is appropriate. Click the green Save button to save the transaction.

If there are multiple memberships you need to renew you may consider running a batch renewal. You can read more about batch renewals in this article: