Membership Styling is the fifth step in the setup of the page and will allow you to customize the look of your membership page. Divided into 6 sub-tabs you can update the colors, fonts, font sizes, and font colors for different areas of the form. Note that the arrangement of the form cannot be changed, so the order in which items are displayed and the placement on the page is not editable.



You have the option of selecting one of the built in color themes from the Select a Theme to Change the Style dropdown. Click on a theme and you can see the page update in the Style Preview area. With a theme selected, you can then edit the colors and fonts in the different areas.


On the Body tab, you can edit the font or background color of the page and, if desired, you can add a contrasting color border around the Add-ons and Amount You Pay fields.



On the Header tab, you can edit the bar at the very top of the page. You can edit the font size and include your organization name by checking the box Show Company Name


You are also able to add your default logo from your account settings or upload an alternative logo to appear at the top of the page. Note that if you upload a new alternative logo, it will update your account settings as well as any other pages which use the alternative logo.  You are also able to select the alignment of the logo, left, center or right aligned. 



The next tab is the Title. The title you have assigned your page in the Acknowledgement Info tab is what is displayed here. You can edit the font, background color, text color and font size. Note that if your members will be viewing this page on a mobile device, it is recommended that you increase the font size for better mobile viewing. If you wish to hide your page title, you can toggle Hide Page Title to YES.




The Subtitle tab edits area of the page like the labels for levels, members, add-ons, payment amount, and registration information. You can edit the font color, background color and size.



The Label tab, edits the next level of labels on the page, including the labels for the registration contact information at the bottom of the page. The Odd Row Background Color option is used for Surveys/Forms, but you can edit the font color and size.



The final tab is the Error Message tab. If you should make your page inactive, this will be the font color and size of the error message. The message itself is set up in the Membership Settings tab.



If you would like to save the styles, you can click on Save Current As to name and Save your style. The style you have created will show up at the bottom of the list of styles. You can use this style for any page in any module. Note that the list of styles cannot be edited and saved styles cannot be deleted.



When complete, click the green Save & Next button to proceed to the next step.