The Membership Thank You Message is the fifth step in the setup of your membership form. This step will allow you to customize the message that appears on the screen after a Membership transaction is submitted and a copy will also be emailed to the primary Member. This message can be customized with any content and can also include multiple mail merge fields to display specific information about that Member or Membership Transaction.


If your Membership form allows for Gift Memberships, you will notice that there are two tabs above the template preview. These represent the two different versions of the template that will be emailed out after a Gift Membership transaction is submitted. The first tab shows the “To Purchaser” template which goes out to the Constituent who submits the membership.  The second tab shows the “To Giftee” template which goes out to the Constituent who the membership was submitted for.


To edit either template, you can click the blue “Edit Message” button on the bottom left of your screen. Clicking this button will then launch the editor and will display the same functionally of the editor found within the Email Marketing module. Including the ability to insert into the body text Mail Merge fields from the Membership Transaction.

Once your templates are complete you can click the “Save & Next” button to continue onto the next step.