Yes, instead of having a single set price for a Membership Level, you can instead setup the Level for the price to be calculated based on a pre-set multiplier amount and Member entered quantity.  Inside the setup of your online membership form, navigate to the Membership Setup tab where you can create and edit your Membership Levels. While editing a Level, turn on the “Formula Based Price?” toggle setting. The following fields will then appear for you to input additional details.


Base Price  If needed enter the base amount of the membership that the multiplier calculation will be added to for the final price. There is no requirement for a Base Price. 

Multiplier – Enter in the amount for which the member entered quantity will be multiplied by to calculate a final Membership Level’s price.

Minimum Price – Enter in the amount that should be used as minimum price of the Membership Level regardless of the member entered quantity. If the Member entered quantity multiplied by the “Multiplier” amount is less than the “Minimum Price,” then the “Minimum Price” will be displayed as the Membership Level price.

Formula Price Title – Enter in the title for what you are asking the Member to enter a quantity for. This text will be displayed on the Membership form on the Membership Level within the sentence, “Please click here to enter/edit the {Formula Price Title} to calculate your price.” It will also appear as the title of the popup window where the member will enter in their quantity.

Formula Price Description – Enter a more detailed description of the quantity you are requesting of the Member. This description will display within the popup window where the Member will enter in their quantity.


Once you have completed those fields you will not need to enter an actual Price into the Level’s setup. Fill out any other fields that are necessary and click Update to finalize the Level.


On your Membership form, any Formula Based Membership Levels will not display a price by default but will instead display a message of “Please click here to enter/edit the {Formula Price Title} to calculate your price.” When the member clicks “here” a popup window will launch on screen displaying your Formula Price description and a numeric field for the member to enter their quantity. After clicking Apply, the price for the Membership Level will be calculated and displayed on the form. The member then has the option to edit their quantity to recalculate the price or continue finalizing the transaction.