Yes, when setting up a Text Campaign across the various grids where Texting is available you have the option to choose whether the Text should be sent right away or if it should be scheduled for a later time and date. If you wish to schedule a Text Campaign to be sent later you can turn on the “Schedule Text Message” setting which appears below the message text on the Text Message setup. Once turned on you can enter in the desired distribution date and time for within the “Schedule Text Message Delivery On” field. After setting the date and time click the blue “Schedule Text Message” button in the bottom right of the dialog box to schedule the Campaign.


Your Schedule Text Campaign will be scheduled and can be reviewed by navigating to Workspace>Mail Merge & Texting>Text Message Queue. This Queue will show all past and future campaigns including when they are schedule and their status. Below are the details of what is listed on the Text Message Queue grid


Trash Can Icon – Click to delete a Text Message Campaign

Text – What content will be sent to the recipients within this Campaign.

Status – The current state of your Campaign

Queued – Your Campaign is schedule for the future

Error – There was an issue with your Campaign. The most common cause is that a constituent included in the campaign did not have a Mobile phone number on file.

Executed – Your Campaign was sent out

View – See what Constituents were included in your Campaign

Scheduled – What date and time was or is your Campaign schedule for

Recipients – How many Constituents were included in your campaign

Sent – How many total Text Messages were sent out

Not Deliverable – How many total Text Messages could not be delivered

Duplicate – How man Constituents included in your campaign were duplicates.

Date Created – on what date was this Campaign created

Sent By – Which software user scheduled the Campaign