To create a sponsorship, go to the Transactions & Invoices Module and select Sponsorships from the menu.

From here you can add new or edit existing sponsorships by choosing Setup. Follow Ups will be discussed in more detail in the next article "What are Sponsorship Assigned Tasks?"

You can add new sponsorship levels by clicking on Add and then completing the information in the pop up window. You can edit an existing sponsorship by clicking on the edit icon on the far left side of the row.

Once the Sponsorship is set up, Tasks can be added to fulfill any recognition or benefits. Highlight the row of the sponsorship with a single click, then check the box next to an existing Task to add it as a benefit for that sponsorship or click on +Add to create a new task.  

When a sponsorship is entered for a gift or purchased as part of an event level, the tasks will automatically be assigned in the Follow Up section.