You can manually create an invoice from the main Invoice Grid in the Transactions & Invoices Module by clicking on +New and selecting Invoice.  

Or you can create one from the constituent's record under their Invoices Tab. Click the green Add button and select Invoice.

This example is from the constituent's Invoice Tab. Enter the invoice and due date. Note the invoice amount and tax deductible amounts will be generated from the selections below. Choose a term, decide if you will allow partial payments and select the Online Payment Page you wish to use for this invoice.

You can manually add line items to the invoice or you can choose from any outstanding balances - or a combination of the two. To manually add a line item, click on the +Add Line Item button and a pop up window will open. You can choose an existing description (Click Add/Edit to modify the pull down list if desired) or type in a new description. If you type in a new description, it will NOT automatically be added to the pull down list. You will need to use the pull down list and click Add/Edit to add the new description for future uses.

You can also select items to add to the invoice by checking the boxes next to outstanding balances. They can be for memberships, events, pledges, or any other purchases. Note that as line items are added, the invoice and tax deductible amounts automatically update.

Once you've finished adding in all the line items, continue to the bottom of the page to enter in applicable For, Fund, Event, and Appeal, as well as any memos necessary. Click Save to complete the entry, Save and New to complete this entry and start another, or Save and Print to save the entry and print or email a copy of the invoice.

For Save and Print, a new print/email mail merge window opens. Choose the Mail Merge Template, in this case the cover letter for the invoice, choose the invoice to attach. 

  • Invoice Details - Amount Due can be used for new and invoices which already have partial payments. 
  • Invoice Details - Amount Total is used for new invoices with no existing payments already made.

Choose your format, delivery and archive options. Note that the option to Skip Page 1 will send just the invoice, not the cover letter mail merge template. Click OK to complete.