The Online Payment Page is the first step for creating invoices. There must be at least one Online Payment Page built in order to manually or automatically create a invoice.

To create or edit an Online Payment Page, go to Workspaces > Transactions & Invoices > Invoices > Online Payment Pages.

Click on +New to create a new page. You can also click in the row of an existing page and click View/Edit to open or click on Actions, then Copy Online Payment Page to create a copy.  

Follow the step by step pages, starting at the Acknowledgement Info tab on the left. As you complete each page, click Save to save your work or Save & Next to proceed to the next page. Note that if you are working in an existing page, Save & Next will take you to the last page. You can always click on any of the tabs to go to that page.

Name your online payment page and enter the information that will be shown for the automatic thank you emails that are sent to the constituent when a payment is made. Click Save & Next to proceed.

Choose the page setting options. You can allow your constituents to pay the credit card processing fee, as well as choose to automatically mark the transaction as Acknowledged and receive internal notifications when a payment is made. Captcha is a box the constituent must check on the form to indicate they are not a robot. Click Save & Next to proceed.

There are many options for styling the page. There are pre-made themes to choose from or you can modify the page and save it using the "Save Current As" button on the right side of the screen above the preview. Click Save & Next to proceed.

The Thank You Message generates a message that matches the branding in your style page. To edit the message, click the blue Edit Message button at the bottom of the page.

You can edit the automatic email in the same type of editor as the Email Marketing Templates. It is important not to change the standard layout as this information is all critical for payment processing, particularly if partial payments are allowed. Instead of changing the pre-made information, you could instead insert blocks or content above or below the invoice information to add whatever additional information may be required.

Once you have finished any edits, click Save & Close, the Save & Next to complete the setup of your Online Payment Page. The page is now available for creating invoices and to select on Membership and Event pages for Pay Later options which automatically generate an invoice.