Credit Card

If paying by credit card, you or the constituent can click on the link to the invoice's unique url to enter the payment information. Invoices that have been fully paid are shown in blue on the main Invoices Grid as well as the grid in the constituent's Invoices Tab. Invoices that have not been paid are shown in red and partially paid invoices are shown in orange.

After clicking on the link, the invoice will open. If partial payments are accepted the amount being paid can be entered in the Amount to Pay box. Invoices that do not accept partial payments will not have this option and only show the amount due. If no credit card is on file for this constituent, you can enter it. The contact information should be auto-populated but can be edited as needed. When all the necessary information is entered, click Pay Now to complete the transaction.

Check or Other Payment Method

If paying by check, cash, or payment method other than credit card, you will need to create a invoice payment transaction. The new transaction can be initiated from several locations including both the main Transactions and Invoices grid by clicking on +New and then selecting Transaction.

You can also add a new transaction from the constituent's Transaction Tab, click Add, then Transaction. Or, from the Invoice Tab, and click Add, then Invoice Payment.

Select the invoice to be paid from the pull down list Outstanding Invoices. Check the appropriate boxes for each line of the invoice to pay.

If partial payments are allowed, the Amount to Pay box will show on the right side of the grid. If partial payments are not allowed, only Amount Due will appear. Once the selections are made, complete the remained of the form and click Save to complete the transaction or Save and New to complete and start another.