The Fundraising Goal Category is an overall goal which can be a combination of several activities. For example, you could have a Fundraising Goal Category called Golf that captures revenue from a golf tournament event, an online auction, and a membership drive appealing to the golfers that happens after the event.

You can assign a Fundraising Goal Category to a transaction or as part of donation, event, and auction pages.

The lists can be edited from any gift record by clicking on the New/Edit at the top of the list. Dropdown lists can also be edited in the Account Settings > Options. 

To delete a Fundraising Goal Category that has never been used, select the trash can icon to right of the category. Click the green Delete button to complete the action. 

A Fundraising Goal Category that has been assigned in the past cannot be deleted, however it can be retired. Select the Edit icon to the right of the category, then click on the green circle to the left. It will change to red to indicate it is no longer available to be selected from the list. The historical information will still be available on the Gifts Grid.

Under Workspace>Transactions & Invoices>Goal Progress you are able to generate stand alone fundraising graphics that can be embedded onto a webpage. These graphics are similar to what you are able to include on an online Event Page. You are able to select the type of graphic and what Fundraising Goal Category the graphic will operate with.

The first tab of the setup is the General Progress Info. Here you are able to give your Fundraising Graphic a name. After that tab comes the Settings. On this tab under the "Goal to Us" dropdown you can select whether the goal should be based on a total Amount or total number of Transactions. Based on that selection you can then set the total Goal Amount or total Goal Quantity.

Here you can also select which Goal Category the Graphic should use for which transactions to include in the calculation. These transaction can also be unpaid Pledges or Pay Later.

After selecting each of those setting you are able to click the "+ Widget" button to setup the styling of the graphic. Please see below for each of the styling options. The graphic itself can be displayed as a Donut or Thermometer.

The final tab Preview & Publish will then supply you with the embed code for each of the widgets you created on the previous step.