To enter a membership transaction on behalf of a constituent using the Internal Entry form, you can navigate to Workspace>Membership>Memberships. Once on that page, mouse over the “+ New” menu and select “Membership Internal.” This will launch the internal entry form. This form will allow you to enter in all the basics about a membership transaction through the following fields.


Membership Name: Select the name of the Membership Page that the desired Membership Level is setup under.

Membership Level: Select the name of the Membership Level that you wish to use for this transaction.

Transaction Date: Enter the date that should display as the date of purchase or start date for this membership.

Expiration Date: Enter the date that should display as the expiration for this membership. When should this membership become inactive.

Price: What is the cost for this Membership Level. This will be prepopulated based on the selected Membership Level.

Amount Paid: Enter the amount that was paid by the Membership Owner. If payment has not been made leave as $0 and make sure to turn on the pay later option below.


Payment Type: Select what method was used for payment by the Membership Owner. If no payment was made, do not make a selection.

Pay Later: Turn this setting to YES if no payment has been made for the transaction. This will ensure the transaction goes in with the Price listed as the Amount Due.

Automatically Generate Invoice: If this is a Pay Later transaction and you wish to send the Membership Owner a formal Invoice then turn this setting to YES. When this transaction is submitted, the software will automatically generate an Invoice that will be available within the invoices module to be sent out as a Mail Merge letter.

Invoice Due Date: Enter the date that should be displayed when this transaction’s unpaid amount is due.
Allow Partial Payments: Turn this setting to YES if you accept multiple payments for the same transaction.


Membership Owner

Select Contact: Search and select which Constituent the Membership transaction should be attached to and assigned as the Membership Owner.


Primary/Secondary: With the exception of the Membership Owner, any sub-members can be listed as a Primary or Secondary member. You can make that selection within the dropdown.


The form will also automatically detect if additional Primary or Secondary Constituents can be included in the selected Membership Level. If so, it will allow you to search for and select the desired Constituents and indicate if they should be set as a Primary or Secondary Member within this Membership.


Once you have completed the entry, click “Save” to submit the transaction. It will then appear on the Membership grid. If you need to make changes after submitting the transaction, you can find it on the grid, select it and mouse over the “View/Edit” menu, then click on “Membership Internal.” This will launch the same internal form you just used to submit that transaction with all the fields prepopulated from the selected transaction. From here you will be able to adjust the Membership Level, Dates, Paid Amount and the Constituents listed as sub-members. Please note, you are unable to change the Membership Owner. You will need to create a new transaction if you wish to change which Constituent is the Membership owner.

Note: You will not be able to edit the Paid Amount if an Invoice has been created for the Due Amount on the Membership Transaction. If there is an Invoice, then you should enter the Paid amount under the Invoice.