On the left-hand side bar under the “Views” section you will see the “My Views” title with each of your custom Views listed below. If you have had any Views shared with you, you will also see a “Shared Views” title. Here you will see any View shared with you by other Users. When navigating to a grid where a View was recently shared with you, you will see a “New” tag directly next to the shared View’s name. Clicking on the shared View will then apply it to your grid. Once applied you will be able to apply your own Searches, Filters, Sorts and Quick Queries. None of these changes will impact the original view on the creating User’s account.


Please note that a Shared View cannot be shared with another user by you. You would first need to save the Shared View by clicking the three menu dots next to that Shared View’s name, select “Save View As,” and save it to your list of Views. Then you will be able to share the View with other Users.