Sorting a column can still be applied directly to a column on the grid by clicking the title bar for the desired column. One click will sort in Ascending, a second click will sort in Descending, and a third click will remove the sort. You can also apply column sorts through the Sort menu just above the grid to the right of the Filter menu. Here you can select the desired column and select the type of sort. You can also input multiple sorts before applying them to the grid. Sorts applied to both the grid and Sort menu can be included in a View.


To insert a new Sort through this menu, click “Add Sort”. In the first dropdown field you can select which field or column you wish to Sort. In the second dropdown field you identify what type of Sort should be applied to that column. From there you can either click “Add Sort” again to input an additional Sort or click “Apply” to apply your Sort(s) to the grid.


To remove a Sort from the menu you can click the “x” next to the row you are Sorting. Or if you wish to quickly remove multiple Sorts you can click on the three-dot menu in the right corner of the dialog and select “Clear Sorts.” Also under this menu is the ability to “Save” your View or “Save View As” to create a new View. You can also open the View Builder or Share This View.