Under your Account Settings click on the Option section and you will find a setting in the third row called, Membership Renewal Grace Period (Days). A grace period allows you to maintain membership expiration dates as the same month/day as long as the member renews (purchases another membership) within the window of time. 

This feature is helpful if you have specific renewal cycles you want to maintain and would like to have expiration dates consistent for the member. This way there is no gap shown between the expired memberships and renewal membership, as if the renewal membership was purchase on time.

For example, let’s say you would like to give all your members at least 60 days after their expiration date to renew and keep the same month/day for their expiration date. With a grace period of 60 days entered, your members will maintain their original expiration date as long as they renew within the 60 day grace period. In our ongoing example, as long as the member renews within the grace period window, they will keep that same month/day expiration date. 


Original Silver Level Membership:

Purchased 11/15/2022 – Expires 11/15/2023  Status: New

Renewal Late but within Grace Period - Silver Level Membership

Purchased 12/21/2023 – Expires 11/15/2024  Status: Renewal

Renewal Late but AFTER the Grace Period - Silver Level Membership

Purchased 02/05/2024 – Expires 02/05/2025  Status: Renewal

The grace period does not keep memberships active after the expiration date. The Status will change to Overdue and the Current Status will change to Inactive the day after the membership expires. The grace period only affects renewals, allowing you to maintain the month/day for expiration dates.