On various main grids across the software such as Constituents, Transactions, Events, Members, Auctions and more you will find the Advanced Analytics menu in the right hand corner just above the grid. Previously this menu gave you to access into a feature that allowed you to better analyze your data through pivot tables. Now a new feature “Geo Search” will allow you to filter you data based on each Constituent’s default address.


Selecting the “Geo Search” menu option will launch a dialog containing a map which will automatically place a pin based on the mailing address set within your account settings. On this dialog you can choose to input a new street address into the search bar if you do not wish to use your default address. You can also manually drop your own pin on the map but first you will need to select a Radius from the Radius drop down. Once a Radius has been selected you will see a transparent red circle indicated the inclusion area for your filter. Once the red circle appears you can either use the current selection or click your mouse elsewhere on the map to drop a new pin. Your third option for selection is the blue “Select Visible Area” button which will make the entire section of the map currently visible on your screen the inclusion area for your filter.


If you wish to clear the inclusion area to start a new search you can click the red “Clear Search” button and start the process over. However if you do wish to apply your selected area to your grid you can click the blue, “Apply to Grid” button. Please note this button will only be visible after you have selected a Radius and the red transparent shape appears on the map.


After clicking “Apply to grid” the Grid will then refresh to include only the Constituents with a default street addresses that falls within the set inclusion area. While on the grid you will know that a Geo Location filter has been applied to the data as the name of the Grid will update to include the words “Geo Search”.


If you wish to modify or remove the Geo Search filter you can mouse back over the “Advanced Analytics” menu and click on “Geo Search”. That dialog will again launch and you can make any modification you need including the ability to clear the search.