On any of the main Grids that support the View functionality there is a new “View” menu option called “Schedule Report”. This menu option will allow you to schedule an export of a specific View to be delivered via email to a desired recipient. For Advanced Analytics subscribers after clicking “Schedule Report” a dialog box will popup with multiple fields for you to populate. Please see the list below.


Selected View: Select which View you would like use for the Report.

Send report email to: Input what email address or email addresses you would like the email containing the report sent to. For multiple email addresses please place a semi-colon between each address.


The next step is to choose between “One-time” or “Recurring” for how often you wish the report to be generated and delivered.


One-time: This option should be selected for a single delivery of the Report.

Date To Run: Select which date you would like the Report to be generated and delivered on.


Recurring: This option should be selected for repetitive delivery of the Report.

Reporting Days(s): Select which day or days of the week you want the Report to be generated and delivered on.

Reporting Frequency: Select how often you want the report to be generated/delivered.


Once this setting have been entered you are able to click the “Schedule” button to activate it. Or click “Cancel” to go back to the grid without scheduling the report.


After scheduling you View Report(s) if you need to review or modify them you can navigate to Workspace>Reports>Scheduled View Reports. There you find a grid of all the scheduled and generated View Reports.


On the grid you will see the details for each Report including which Grid it was schedule from and which View was selected. You will also see the Last Generated date for that report and the date or days/frequency that were selected during the scheduling. If you wish to edit a Scheduled View report you can click the blue pencil and paper edit icon on desired report’s row.


The edit dialog will allow you to change the Email Addresses for delivery as well as the scheduling setting. You can also “Inactivate” a report if you no longer wish for it to be generated/delivered but do not wish to remove it from the grid. That being said if you do wish to completely remove a scheduled View report you can click the blue trash can icon on the desired row to delete it.