For any incoming text messages you will now see a left facing arrow icon. This icon can be used to reply to these messages. After clicking the arrow icon for the desired message a reply dialog will popup. Within the dialog you will see the phone number you are replying to. If that phone number has been connected to a Constituent with your account you will see the option to turn on the “Create Interaction” toggle setting. Turning on this setting will automatically create a new Interaction record within the connected Constituent’s record. This interaction will display the time and date of the replay and the description will contain the text of the message sent to that Constituent.


Just below that setting in the reply dialog is the “Text” field. Here you will be able to type in the content of your reply to the incoming message. This reply can also contain a video shot from your device. After the content is complete you can agree to the terms and send out the message. If you do not wish to send out the message there is also a “Cancel” option available which will close the dialog without the reply message being sent.


After the message is sent you can refresh the grid and see it post as text message activity. Also you can go into the Constituent’s record and their Interactions tab if you wish to view the automatically created Interaction for that reply.