Events Module - Event Page Models

To view the sample pages, be sure you are first either logged out of AssociationSphere or you open an incognito or private window to view the pages.

Gala & Auction Event Page

The Gala & Auction Model shows a typical gala event that is linked to an auction. This event includes single seat tickets and multiple levels of sponsorship that include tables with multiple guests. This event page is also linked to an example for Table Assignments to arrange the guest seating. Gala & Auction Event Page URL: 

Golf Tournament Event Page

The Golf Tournament Model shows a typical golf tournament with single players, foursomes, and sponsorships. This event page is also linked to an example for Event Assignments where constituents are assigned to teams. Golf Tournament Event Page URL: 

Multi-Day Conference Event Page

The Multi-Day Conference Model demonstrates an event that occurs over multiple days and offers members a special discount. Member discounts can be built into the pricing page or come ticket levels can be exclusively for members only. Memberships are verified by the constituent’s email address. Multi-Day Conference Event Page URL: 

Recurring Workshop Event Page

The Recurring Workshop Model shows workshops the occur once a week and participants can choose the day to register. Participants can also register guests. Recurring Workshop Event Page URL: 

Volunteer Ambassador Program Event Page

The Volunteer Chamber Ambassador Programs Model provides an example of an event that is linked to the volunteer module. This page sets up recurring shifts for volunteer activities. When the volunteers check in for the event, the volunteer time is automatically tracked in their constituent record. Volunteer After School Programs Event Page URL: