Question: How long will it take to convert my data?

The amount of time it takes to convert your data depends on the volume, complexity, and cleanliness of data provided. Also, responding to your implementation manager’s questions in a timely manner affects how long the implementation process takes.  On average, it typically takes 4 weeks to complete your data conversion once we receive your clean data.


What if I want to convert more data after I finish my implementation?

It is best to send all of your data at the same time. However, If you have additional data that is collected during the time that you pull your data to when it’s imported we can map and import this data as a secondary import. This “in between” data is included in your implementation. If you have additional data that is not part of the “in between” time and you send it after we import all of your data there may be additional costs. 


What if I have questions about using the sandbox? 

Support is available during the sandbox trial period. Reach out to your implementation manager at


When can I start taking training?

Videos and support articles are available as soon as you log into your AssociationSphere account. If you have Essential or Essential + Support, then instructor led trainings are available. Essential + also has 3 hours of online, personal training sessions. If you purchased the Initial Training, which is a general overview of the software, this training is typically delivered after your data is converted. However, if you plan to use the software before your data is converted, it is recommended that you take Initial Training as soon as you want to begin using the software. You can reach out to training@ to inquire about scheduling your session.


Can I ask questions while my data is being converted? 

Yes, all users have access to the email support, and you can submit a support ticket by clicking on the menu under your login name in the top right corner of AssociationSphere. You can reach out to support at or contact your implementation manager at 


What if I have an event or auction and I want to use AssociationSphere before my data has been converted?

You are welcome to use the software as soon as your ETF and users are set up. Please keep in mind that if you still have data to be imported and you are adding constituents through pages or auctions there may be duplicates in the system once your data is imported. We will make every effort to match your data to the constituents in the system and you can always merge duplicates manually once all the data has been imported. 


What if I don’t know how to clean up my data?

It is often easiest to clean your data after you have exported it to Excel. Please see the article “Tips for Data Conversion” for information about preparing your data for conversion.


Do I have to map all the data fields, or will you do it for me?

Your implementation manager will map the fields for Premium, Standard, and Express implementations. If a customer planned to import the data themselves, but then did not feel confident about the process, a custom quote can be created for the data import.


What are the models for the pages?

There are examples for different types of donation, membership, and event pages. See the articles in the “Page Models” section for descriptions and links to examples.


How much time do I have to send in my data?

It is recommended that you send your data as soon as you clean it. This will ensure that your implementation manager can get started and complete the mapping. There is no time limit or time restrictions on sending data. However, keep in mind that the sooner we get your data the sooner it will be in your account and your implementation will be complete. 


What if there are errors in my data?

You know your data best. We encourage you to review your data prior to sending it to us. You will also be given a review file once the mapping is complete. We encourage you to carefully review the files we send to make sure there are no errors. If there are errors after the data is approved there may be additional costs involved in rectifying the errors. 


Can I convert open pledges or recurring automatic payments?

Yes, but there are specific data points that are required including the date the pledge was originally started, total amount of the pledge, the total number of payments, the number of payments made, and total amount already paid. A meeting with your implementation manager may be needed. If you will be importing pledges please mention this to your implementation manager as soon as possible. 


Can I convert open invoices?

Yes, but there are specific data points required including the amount, event or membership the invoice to linked to, and payment due dates. Because of the complexity of these types of imports, please be sure to notify your implementation manager as soon as possible with your intention to import open invoices. 


Can I import data on my own?

Yes, we can turn on the import feature for your users. You will be provided with an Excel template to assist with mapping your data.

If I import an email list from Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or other service, will those names count as constituents in my database?

Yes. Any constituent added to the database counts in the total number of constituents.


Why should each individual record have a unique email address?

Like many popular web-based platforms like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon you use an email address to access your account. Each constituent should have a unique email address in order to access their account history, validate memberships, and access the member portal. If you have constituents who share the same address, it is recommended that only one constituent include the email address in the default email (or primary email) data column. Other constituents who use the same email would include the email address in the Email 2 column as a secondary email. A primary email address is not required for all records.


What if I have multiple addresses, emails, or phone numbers for a constituent?

The system allows for unlimited addresses, phone numbers, and secondary emails. 


Do I have to have a Constituent ID for each record or will AssociationSphere create one for me?

AssociationSphere will create a constituent ID when new constituents are created. For the data import constituent ID’s are imported in the system. Your implementation manager will either use existing constituent ID’s (that you provide in your data) or assign new ID’s.


Where can I find videos or support articles to learn how to use the software?

In the top right corner of your account there is a dropdown menu with links to the support site (knowledgebase articles) and support videos. You can also contact support with questions at


If I want to use the QuickBooks export function, do I have to do anything special to my records?

There is a QB mapping template and other exports that will be needed from your QuickBooks. You will also meet with the QuickBooks implementation manager to discuss how your QuickBooks is set up. You do not have to do anything special with your historical records. 


Do I have to have a person’s name associated with a company?

It is recommended that each company record have an associated individual contact record. However, if you do not intend to utilize the member portal, you can have company records without an individual contact record. Only individual contact records can sign up for the portal. If companies purchase memberships and events tickets or sponsorships and the company would like to manage those purchases, an individual contact is required. The individual contact is linked to the company record as a primary contact and that primary contact can create a portal account to access their personal information or the company information. 


What is the difference between an individual, company, or household profile type? 

An individual profile type typically records a single person’s data; however, it can be used for couples if the couple does not interact with your organization independently. For example, if Bob and Julie Abbott only mail in one donation each year and it is from both of them, they could share one record. However, if Bob plays in the annual golf tournament and Julie volunteers once a week, they should each have their own individual records. A Household can be created for the Abbotts to see all their information in one place

A Company profile is constituent in the database that represents an entity like a corporation, business, foundation, organization, club, or group. A Company Profile Type does not include fields like First Name or Company but does include fields like Company Type and Industry as well as a list of all the employee-related Individual constituents.

A household profile type is a grouping of individual constituents who live at the same address. Grouping together people who live at the same address allows you to see all the transactions and other data for the household in one place.


Where can I find all the documents that were emailed to me, including my contract?

During implementation, which is the timeframe prior to your data conversion, your implementation manager is your primary contact. You can reach them at After your data is converted, you can contact anytime with questions about your contract and how to locate any documents you need.


What if I have questions about billing or costs?

Billing, cost, and contract questions can be directed to


What if I want to add more training or upgrade my support plan?

You can reach out to the support team at to upgrade your support plan. For more information about scheduling training, please contact