User Settings

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User Settings

The user settings can be customized for each user with the name, login ID, turning on follow-up email reminders, and allowing direct emails to be sent from the software. Learn more in the video “AS User Settings.” (password AS2021)

Support Site

The support site links to the knowledge base with articles covering all the modules and activities in AssociationSphere. New support tickets can also be generated from this link by clicking on “New support ticket.”

Support Videos

The support videos library link is here. The password hint is shown, AS2021, and click Launch Videos to view all the videos.

Vote for a Feature

Vote for a feature is where suggestions can be made to improve the software. The AssociationSphere development team routinely reviews this list for future software updates. New suggestions can be made, and users can vote for other suggestions, too.

Recent Changes

Updates to the software are made several times each year. Information about new updates are posted on the website with links to articles and videos covering the new changes.