Events Module

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The events grid provides the financial transaction information related to event purchases and registrations. To view the data, an event must first be selected from the queries column in the left side bar. There is a summary and a detail view. The detail view includes purchaser and attendee information. Learn more about this grid in the “AS Event Summary Grid” and “AS Event Details Grid” videos. (password AS2021)

Events – Quickview

The quickview shows the information about the event transactions but does not include the financial information for the amount paid and amount due. As with the events grid, the event must be selected from the queries side panel to populate the grid.

Event Attendance

The attendance grid provides the specific information about the actual attendees for the event. The grid shows the purchaser’s name in the Last Name/Constituent column. The other columns on the grid are about the attendee including their name, email address, and other information like the answers to attendee questions, bidder ID number, and table and event assignments. This grid is also used to update attendee information if the attendee’s name was not provided at the time of purchase or if the actual attendee has changed. Use the edit icon on the far left side of the grid to edit or update the attendee information. See more about this grid’s features in the “AS Event Attendance Grid” (password AS2021) video.

Event Assignments

Event attendees can be assigned to custom groups. This feature is great for team sports like golf or bowling tournaments. When event assignments are activated on an event page (on the attendee info tab), event attendees can be manually assigned to a specific group in the event assignments page. See more about this feature in the “AS Event Assignments” (password AS2021)video.

Table Assignments

The table assignments feature builds a map of the table and seating arrangements for an event. Attendee names can be dragged and dropped into their seats. The information can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet. Table assignments must be activated in the events page on the attendee info tab. To learn more about this feature, see the video “AS Events Table Assignments.” (password AS2021)

Table Templates

If the same venue or seating arrangements are used multiple times, a table template can be created and used to set up table assignments. This is covered in the same video as above.

Event Pages

Event pages are where the event specifics, ticket levels, and registration pages are created. Customize the page with event settings, level setup, collecting attendee info, styling the page, tickets, automatic thank you messages, and text-2-purchase features. Th event page can also link to volunteer activities, auctions, and peer to peer campaigns. To learn more about building the event page see the videos “AS Event Management,” ”AS Events Calendar,” and “AS Single Day Event Setup” (password AS2021)

Mail Merge Event Templates

Like the CRM and Fundraising modules, the Events module also has a library of mail merge letter templates which derive their data from the events grid. Letters for things like event acknowledgments and sponsorship packages can be created here. To learn more about these templates see the video “AS Event Mail Merge Letters.” (password AS2021)

Auto Reminders

Auto reminders can be set up for an event that are triggered by the purchase date, date of the event or on a specific date. The auto reminders use an email template which can be styled with photos, logos, links, and videos. To learn more about this feature, see the video “AS Event Auto Reminders.” (password AS2021)

Event Expenses

The event expenses feature is where expenses associated with an event can be recorded. Expenses can be linked to an event, categorized, include a description, vendor name, date, and amount. The grid can be filtered, and a total expense amount is shown under the amount column. To learn more about this feature, see the video “AS Event Expenses.” (password AS2021)