Auctions Module

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The auctions grid is where silent, live, on-line, and hybrid auctions are managed. The grid shows all the auction and add-on items. The item descriptions, bidder sheets, and item certificates can be printed from this grid. The grid also has features for assigning bids, removing bids, viewing the winning bids for on-line auctions, and assigning add-on items for auction participants. The auctions grid is also where the guests are checked out and payments are processed. To learn more about the auction process, see the video “AS Silent and Live Auctions.” (password AS2021)

Auction Bidders

The auction bidders grid will show all the constituents who have either been assigned a bidder ID as an attendee to an auction event or those constituents who have registered for an auction that is not linked to an event. The actions menu includes features to communicate with bidders via email or text.

Auction Pages

The auction pages grid is where the list of all auctions are shown and new pages can be created. The pages define if the auction is going to be a traditional silent/live auction or if participants will be able to bid online or via text. Online and text bidding require text messaging and the activation of the portal. Many types of auction items can be added or imported from in-kind donation records. Other types of items include donation options, buy-it-now items, and add-on items like raffle tickets and paddle raises.

Bid History

The bid history grid will show the current winners for all auction items. The history of all the bids can be viewed and all the items can be checked out at once if the auction is an exclusively online/text-2-bid auction.