Surveys/Forms Module

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For surveys or forms that are sent via email, this feature works just like the email marketing overview feature to view the survey open rates and other statistics. See more about sending surveys and forms via email in the video “AS Survey/Form Distribution Through Email.” (password AS2021)


The contacts list is the same email contacts list found in the email marketing module. All the same functionality is available and lists and constituents can be added and edited here as well.

Survey/Forms List

The Survey/Forms list shows all the previously built surveys, polls, applications, and other forms that have been created and is where new forms can be developed. The forms can be internal, shared via URL link, and emailed. There are a variety of question types, including questions that can auto populate fields in the constituent’s profile. The forms can be made with or without logic. Learn more about building your forms in the videos “AS Internal Survey/Forms” and “AS Survey/Form Question Logic.” (password AS2021)

Survey/Forms Results

The statistics are shown in the summary view and the individual responses can be seen by clicking on the details radio button for a short form or long form view. There is also a feature to drill down into the results when multiple choice questions are used. You can see more about these features in the “AS Survey/Form Review + Results” (password AS2021) video.