Peer-to-Peer Module

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P2P Dashboard

The P2P campaign dashboard has two views, the summary and detail views. The summary view shows a list of all the participants and teams which have raised money, and it shows the total that team or participant had raised. The detail view shows all the individual donations and which participant or team that was designated for the gift. Like all grids, the actions menu includes exporting views to Excel, emailing and texting participants, and performing batch updates. To learn more about peer to peer campaigns, see the video “AS Peer to Peer Fundraising.” (password AS2021)

Campaign Pages

The P2P campaigns are built in the campaign pages. Campaigns can be stand-alone or tied to an event. P2P campaigns require activation of the donor portal. The portal is where participants build their personal and team pages. To learn more about building the campaign pages, see the video referenced above.

Milestones & Badges

Milestones and badges are tools to keep the participants and teams engaged in the campaign. Milestones can be established for financial goals and simple activities like sending emails or creating a team. Once the milestone is achieved, the participant or team will receive a badge on their fundraising page and a thank you email generated automatically. To learn more about milestones and badges see the video “AS Peer to Peer Fundraising.” (password AS2021)