Volunteer Module

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When a survey/form is identified as a volunteer application, those applications are linked to the volunteer module. The applications page shows the summary and detailed information of the applications. To learn more about the volunteer module, see the video “AS Volunteer Management.” (password AS2021)

Time Tracking

The time tracking grid will show time for constituents who are identified as a "Volunteer" in the constituent category. Time can be added manually via the +New feature on the grid, by adding time in a constituent’s record, and added automatically when the volunteer is checked in to a volunteer event.


For events that are identified as volunteer events in the settings tab, the registrations grid will show all the volunteers signed up for volunteer events. The registrations grid works like the events grid and has a summary and detail view. The volunteer event must be selected first to populate the grid. 


The volunteer attendance grid works like the event attendance grid and will show all the actual attendees who are registered for the volunteer activities. This is the grid where volunteers are checked in to their volunteer shift and the time is automatically applied to their time tracking. 


The scheduler provides a visual representation of volunteer shifts set up in a volunteer event. Volunteers can be registered for specific activities and shifts from the scheduler.