Mail Merge and Texting Module

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Mail Merge Queue

Sometimes when large mail merges are prepared, the system will run the merge in the background to allow continued use of the database. An email will be sent to the user when the mail merge is completed, and the merge letters can be retrieved from a link on the mail merge que grid.

Text Messaging Activity

If text messaging is activated, this grid will show the virtual phone number that is used to send text messages from the software. The grid will show all the incoming and outgoing messages and provide a count of the number of messages allowed for the day. This number only counts outgoing messages initiated via an Action menu to send a text message to constituents, members, or event attendees. The automatic replies, auction bids, and incoming messages do not count against the daily total limit. Text2URL codes can be created in the actions menu and the error message can also be customized here. To see more about text messaging, see the video “AS Text2Give and Text Marketing.” (password AS2021)

Text Messaging Queue

Scheduled text messages can be seen in the text messaging queue. The list will show scheduled messages and a summary of executed messages including the recipients and message.

Thank You Emails

All automatically sent emails from the various fundraising, event, and membership pages are saved in the thank you emails grid. The emails can be viewed and resent if desired.