As a new user you have several options to learning how to use the software. First, check to see what support and training subscription your organization has by clicking on your organization's name in the top right corner of the screen.  

For those with Essential or Essential Plus support, you have access to the live, weekly training webinars via our training hub. Please contact for the link to register.

For those with Basic support or those who prefer self-directed study, we recommend the following training progression to work through all of the modules. You can access the complete video library via the link under your user initials. All videos use the same password: AS2021

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We recommend beginning with the introduction video and reading about the functions of the various modules in the Modules Overview.


Welcome to AssociationSphere -

Descriptions of the Modules -

General Information Articles
Glossary of Terms -
Descriptions of the Modules -

Page Models -

Account Management

Account Settings -

Account User Management -

Account Billing -

User Settings -


Constituent Grid -

Company Constituent Profile -

Individual's Constituent Profile -

Constituent Documents -

Constituent Interactions & Follow Ups -

Constituent Relationships -

Constituent Time Tracking -

Automated Actions -

Member Portal

Member Portal - 

Member Portal Features -

Transactions -
Invoices -

Invoice Reminders -

Transactions Mail Merge Letters -

Sponsorships -


Membership Online Form Setup -

Membership Summary Grid -

Membership Details Grid -

Internal Membership Entry -

Membership Application Feature -

Pro-Rated Membership -

Formula Based Membership -

Membership Invoicing -

Membership Renewal -

Member Mail Merge Letters -

Membership Auto Reminders -

Member Only Documents -

Member Attendance -

Constituent Membership Tab - 

Membership Directory -


Single Day Event Setup -

Event Thank You Message -

Event & Attendee Questions -

Event Summary Grid -

Event Details Grid -

Event Assignments - 

Event Table Assignments -

Event Attendance Grid -

Event Auto Reminders -

Event Mail Merge Letters -

Event Expenses -

Events Calendar -

AssociationSphere Mobile App -

Event Management Outline & Checklist -

Live Event FAQs -


Silent & Online Auctions - 

Auction Event Guide & Checklist -

Auction Event FAQs -

Email Marketing & Texting

Email Marketing Contacts -

Email Marketing Campaign -

Email Editor -

Email Marketing Overview Pages -

Email Auto Responder - 

Direct Emails -

Text2Give & Text Messaging -

Email Marketing Best Practices -


Single Page Survey/Forms Setup -

Internal Survey/Forms -

Survey/Form Distribution Through Email -

Survey/Form Question Logic -

Survey/Form Review + Results -

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management -

Volunteer Event Setup -

Financial Reporting Articles
Quickbooks Integration -
Weekly Transaction Reports -