For user who have opted to use the Direct Email feature in their account, they can also generate signatures and templates to be inserted into the Direct Email body. To turn Direct Emails on mouse over your initials in the upper right corner of the software and click on User Settings. Once there you will be able to click the “Edit” button. Looks for a dropdown field titled, “Default Direct Email Sent From” and make sure, “Send from Software” is the selected option.


Having this option selected will turn on Direct Emails which will launch a new email window inside of the software anytime you click on a Constituent’s email address inside the software or use the “Send Direct Email” option within the Action Menu on various grids.


Also under your User Setting you will be able to generate and manage your Direct Email Signatures and Templates. Clicking the “+New” button under the Signature or Template titles will launch a dialog for you to create the desired content. Under signatures you will be able to input a name, mark if it should be the default and then create the signature. When you set the “Default" setting to “YES” then this specific signature will be automatically inserted into the email body of every Direct Email you send out. You are welcome to switch which signature is your default at any time as well as editing a signature or deleting it.


Similar to the signature you will also be able to generate saved templates. Once you have clicked the "+New" button it will launch the View/Edit dialog where you will be able to input a name for the template as well as marking if it is the default and if it is enabled. Please note that a template must be enabled to be set as the default. Any templates that have “Enabled” set to “No” will not be available for you to insert into your Direct Email body. The final setup of the setup is the creation of the email body content, including inserting Mail Merge fields and styling. You can also choose to attached a document to the template.


After completing the setup process you can launch a Direct Email anywhere in the software and see your default signature and template automatically inserted into the email body. You will also see two dropdown fields displaying which signature and which template were inserted. Those dropdown fields will also allow you to change which signature or template is inserted into the email body. Or if you need to edit or created new signatures and/or templates you can either of the blue plus (+) symbols that appear above each dropdown field. This action will navigate you back to your User Setting to make the necessary changes or create new content.