The Volunteer Module allows you to manage volunteer activities including their applications, event registrations, and time tracking. The dashboard provides some summary graphics including giving patterns for volunteers, top volunteers in the different service categories, a pie chart of range of hours over the last 12 months, and total time recorded for the week, month, and year. The entire dashboard can be exported as a pdf by clicking on the pdf icon in the top right corner. Each graph can also be exported as a pdf or png file. 

The activities within this module sync with other modules in the software.

  • The Applications page syncs with the Surveys/Forms Results page.
  • The Time Tracking page will show time recorded for constituents who are identified with the "Volunteer" constituent category.
  • The Registrations page will show volunteers who registered for a volunteer event. It syncs with the Events grid, but will only show those events identified as volunteer events.
  • The Attendance page will show a list of all volunteers who are identified as attendees for a volunteer event. It syncs with the Event Attendance grid, but only shows volunteer events.
  • The Scheduler page allows you to see a daily, weekly, monthly view of volunteer shifts.