The Volunteer Attendance grid is used to check in volunteers for their shifts. This grid will only show those events that are identified as Volunteer Events.

When the volunteer event is selected, the related Event Attendance grid will open. This grid does not have a View Builder, however the software will remember the columns arrangements for each event by user. So each user can set up their own view of the Event Attendance grid.

The columns contain information about the volunteer and their shift.

  • The Event Starts On and Event Ends On columns will show the day and shift the volunteer registered for. 
  • The Ticket Level column shows what activity they registered to perform.
  • If you allow volunteers to register for others, the person who registered is shown in the Last Name/Constituent column, the Actual Attendee column will show the name of the registrant and any of the guests they registered for.
  • If you have assigned Time Tracking Defaults in the Ticket Level when you set up the event, you can check the box under the In column to show what time the volunteer checked in. 
  • If your settings have the system calculate the time volunteered, you will need to check the box under Out to show what time the volunteer finished.
  • Note that the check in and check out time cannot be edited from this grid, however you can edit the time in the constituent's record or time track grid using the edit icon.