When setting up a new event level you have several fields and settings to choose from:

  1. Sort Order - This allows you to select the order the Levels appear in, the lower the number the higher it appears.
  2. Name - Give your Level a name.
  3. Description - Give your Level a description letting people know what is included with their purchase.
  4. Price - Enter the cost of the Level.
  5. Non-Refundable Fee - Enter the amount that won't be given back to the purchaser if they ask for a refund.
  6. Tax-Deductible Amount - Does this amount differ from the cost of the Level, enter it here for internal tracking.
  7. Qty. Available (blank for unlimited) - Enter the total amount of this level that is available.
  8. Start Time - Time the event starts for this particular ticket level if different
  9. End Time - Time the event ends for this particular ticket level if different
  10. # of Tickets Per Purchase - Enter how many tickets are included with this level's purchase.
  11. Event Location - In case your event has multiple locations for the purchaser to choose from.
  12. Constituent Category - Select the category a purchaser of this level will be automatically be subscribed to.
  13. Inactive - If you no longer wish this level to appear on the event form mark it inactive.
  14. Notify when level is sold out - Enter up to 5 email addresses that will be notified when this level sells out.