Yes, creating a Coupon allows you to create a code the will deduct a chosen cost from specific event levels.

Here are the steps to creating a Coupon:

Code - Enter the code the purchaser would have to enter to use the coupon.

Quantity - If you only want a specific number of coupons to be available enter the number here. Otherwise, leave the amount as "0".

Start Date - This field will default to today's date, but you can change that to any date you wish.

End Date - If you would like the coupon to become inactive after a certain date, enter that date as the End Date.

Amount or Percent - Enter either a specific amount or the percentage you would like to be deducted from that level's price.

Apply To Total? - Instead of the deduction coming off each individual Level selected, you can just have the amount or percent deducted from the total cost of their ticket levels.

NOTE: Coupon codes do not apply to Fees, Add-Ons, Recurring (shopping chart) or Seating Chart events.

After your coupon code has been created and if you are not applying it to the Total you can select it on the Coupon grid and then select which specific Ticket Levels it can be applied to.